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RFID: DS1 RFID Edge Server is a scalable, reliable, distributed, and enterprise ready RFID based middleware platform. The RFID solution was developed to manage RFID and any reader based infrastructure.

DS1 Edge Server is designed and developed with scalability & reliability in mind and is capable of integrating RFID based technologies with enterprise applications. The platform is developed using Microsoft .NET framework and integrates well with Transportation & Logistics, Retail, Government, Manufacturing & Healthcare business processes that have a need for RFID based solutions.

Our RFID edge server is truly 100% configurable. It has dynamic characteristics to understand different types of hardware and has easy configurable parameters to start using any new readers. Integration of readers is seamless and the software has enhanced features to read the data and move it to target enterprise applications.

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GIS (Geographic Information System): We have taken Location Based Services to a new level. Our product is designed from ground up including the complete design & fabrication of the GPS device.
Now , Why did we do that?
It offers us an opportunity to avoid the out of the box hardware limitations present in the market GPS devices. Our product can do a lot more than just track your location.

Our product is ideal for fleet management, fleet tracking, and location based services. The device has the ability to transmit and receive web service requests and pull user and location specific information.

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